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Whether you are a new coach or a veteran, this handbook will provide valuable information and ideas on how you can manage your coaching program and team to minimize risk of injury to athletes and risk of liability to yourself. Coaching a Pop Warner team or squad offers great opportunities to be a positive influence in a child’s life, teach meaningful lessons through sports, and have fun! At the same time, coaching comes with significant responsibility. When parents drop their children off for practice or come to a game, there is an expectation that their children will return home in the same condition, or better. The great thing is that, although we all know that there are inherent risks in sports and kids may get hurt, we all share the same goal of protecting the well being of the athletes who participate in Pop Warner.

This presentation/handbook provides materials and information that you can easily and directly incorporate into your coaching program to increase success and safety. We have provided checklists, instructions, and sources where you can find more information on relevant topics. The presentation is organized to highlight your responsibilities as a coach in managing the risks that are associated with sports and working with young people. These responsibilities are as follows.

Responsibility 1 - Properly Plan Activities
Responsibility 2 - Provide Appropriate Supervision
Responsibility 3 - Provide Proper Instruction
Responsibility 4 - Provide Adequate and Proper Equipment
Responsibility 5 - Evaluate for Injury and Incapacity
Responsibility 6 - Provide a Safe Physical Environment
Responsibility 7 - Match Athletes Accordingly
Responsibility 8 - Warn of Inherent Dangers
Responsibility 9 - Initiate Medical Response

Please review, understand, and carry out these responsibilities; it is in everyone’s best interests, including your own. Have a great season!


2011 Coaches Risk Management Manual: Click Here!  


2011 Rockland County Pop Warner Coaches Education: Click Here if you have Powerpoint!

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2011 Risk Management Test: Click Here!


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